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YaBB SE Installer
YaBB SE Installer
Safe Mode Check:
"; if ($mode) { print "
Warning! It appears that safe mode is enabled.

This version of the YaBB SE Installer will not work with safe mode enabled. You should download the safe mode installer from and procede with your installation using that version.

If you know for a fact that safe mode is NOT enabled, you may continue, although this is strongly discouraged.

"; } else { print "
It appears that safe mode has been disabled. You may continue.

"; } print "Click here to continue.

"; } elseif($step == 'zero') { $installdir = $HTTP_SERVER_VARS["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/yabbse"; $installdir = str_replace("//","/",$installdir); ?> This program will install YaBB SE on your webserver
Install to directory:
Create this directory first, then chmod it to 777!
Overwrite newer files:

\n"; $af = fopen("yse130.ya","rb"); while(!feof($af)) { $data = explode('|^|', chop(fgets($af, 4086))); $filename = $directory."/".$data[1]; if($data[0] == "dir" && !file_exists($filename) && $data[1] != ".") { mkdir($filename, 0777); chmod($filename, 0777); } if($data[0] == "file") { if(file_exists($filename) && filemtime($filename) >= $data[3] && !$overwrite) echo "Skipping $filename because it's a newer version or a version of the same age
\n"; else { $buffer = fread($af, $data[2]); $fp = fopen($filename, "wb"); fputs($fp, $buffer, $data[2]); fclose($fp); chmod($filename, 0666); touch($filename, $data[3]); //echo system("chown $filename $chownuser"); echo "Wrote $filename ...
\n"; } } } fclose($af); @chmod("$directory/yabbinfo.xml", 0777); @chmod("$directory/Settings_bak.php", 0777); @chmod("$directory/Packages/installed.list", 0777); @chmod("$directory/Packages/server.list", 0777); echo "
"; } elseif($step==3) { ?> You will now have to set some settings you need to set =)
MySQL server name:
This is nearly always localhost, so if you don't know use localhost
MySQL username:
Fill in the username you need to connect to your MySQL database, if you don't know, try the username of your ftp account, most of the times those two are equal.
MySQL password:
Fill in the password you need to connect to your MySQL database, if you don't know, try the password of your ftp account, most of the times they're the same.
MySQL Database name:
Fill in the name of the database you want to use to let YaBB SE store it's data in, make sure it is empty or at least doesn't contain important info, it's very likely that it will be destroyed
If this database does not exist, we will try to create it.
MySQL Database prefix:
Fill in the prefix you would like to use on all your table names. You may leave this blank. This value will be prepended to all table names to allow for multiple YaBB SE installations in a single database.
(Only proceed if successful!)
Inserting data package $counter
"; if (!mysql_query($query)) print "Errors: ".mysql_error()."

\n"; else print "No Errors

\n"; $query = ""; } if($count%200==0) set_time_limit(240); } fclose ($fd); ?>
We now need to ask you for the forum URLs so you can use YaBB SE
Board URL:
This is the url of your site without the trailing '/'.
Images URL:
This is the location of your yabb images including the buttons, icons etc.
Faces URL:
This is the location of the avatars. It is, by default, the avatars sub-directory in your images folder.

Settings.php was modified successfully
You will now have to set up an adminstrator account
Your username:
You can choose the username you'd like to have, this account will automatically get admin rights
Fill in your prefered password here, remember it well!
Password again:
Just for verification
Skip this: Only check this if you DON'T want to set up an admin account. Most likely this will only happen if you intend to continue and convert an existing Y1G board.
Please remember to delete install.php or rename it so it can't be executed, and to chmod your installation dir to something other than 777
"; } ?>
Please follow one of the links below:

Go to your board
Convert an existing Y1G board data files

Good luck!
The YaBB SE team.